Business Services

Advanced Business Services

Take advantage of many advanced services with the capabilities of our state-of-the-art network

Conference Calling
Whether you need to conference with three or thirty people, NVC’s conference calling service offers a more economical and efficient way to provide a secure, hassle-free call. With the Internet Enhanced option, the conference administrator can control several aspects of the conference in real-time from the Internet, thus providing even more efficient, productive and enjoyable conferences.

Email Hosting
With the demand for email services and the huge number of people who send and receive email messages every day, customers need to know that their messages are secure and that spam does not reach their inbox. With NVC email hosting we provide webmail, industry-leading anti-spam filters and email hosting technical service experts.

Automated Billing
Businesses can subscribe to NVC’s online automated billing service to make easy work out of managing their accounts and billing information.

Web Billing
View and pay your bill with us over the Internet. With NVC’s autopay service, your account is billed automatically on the 10th of every month. A copy of the statement will still be mailed to you.

Call 725-1000 or send an email to SALES@NVC.NET for rate information on any of the above business services.

Here for Life

At NVC, we understand that life gets busy. That’s why we are committed to keeping you and your family connected no matter where life takes you. To make things a little easier, we are giving NVC customers of five years or more our Customer Loyalty Discount.

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