High-Speed Internet

Let our high-speed internet get you there fast!

High-Speed Internet


DSL is an internet modem technology that transforms ordinary phone lines into high-speed digital lines for ultra-fast Internet access. DSL modems use digital coding techniques to squeeze up to 99% more capacity out of a phone line without interfering with your regular phone services. This means you can be simultaneously talking on the phone or sending a fax - while surfing on the World Wide Web. Unlike a similar service offered over a cable TV line, when using NVC's high-speed Internet, you won't be competing for bandwidth with other subscribers.


All Internet services include 5 email addresses, spam and virus filtering, web-based email and 10mb of personal web space. 



Up to 25 MBPS

Up to 50 MBPS
Up to 100 MBPS 


Monthly Rate




*Speeds not guaranteed, not available in all areas.

Lifeline Discounts Available

Lifeline is a federal program that provides a monthly discount on home phone, cell phone or internet service to eligible low-income households. If you qualify, the Lifeline assistance program provides a $9.25 credit on your monthly bill. Only one discount is available per household on either your home phone, cell phone or internet service. For more information or to determine eligibility, please call 725-1000 or 1-888-919-8945 (toll free).